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A few weeks ago, we were cruising through the Eifel on our motorbikes. The Eifel is well known for its beautiful curvy roads and is abused by some bikers as race track. On one of these roads, we passed a warning sign: Könner meiden das Risiko. If you know your business, you do not need to show off, but you have fun (eg open the throttle) where and when it is safe to do so.
Interesting enough, in my other “dangerous” hobby, scuba diving, it is perfectly ok to turn away from a dive, when you do not feel up to it. You take a refresher course after a long non-diving period and train for each special situation, like night diving. Ever seen a biker taking a special course for night riding? Nope, we go full throttle the first minute winter is over.
Just do it where you can see what’s ahead, the road is clean and no crazy drivers are around:
Könner meiden das Risiko!

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