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Temperatures are dropping but the fun to be below the surface absolutely not!

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02. October 2016 · Comments Off on It was a bit dusty in the Grevelingen, but why complain? · Categories: Scuba Diving, u/w photography

Who imagined that we would find such great weather at the end of September? It was a bit dusty and dark, which made making photographs a bit of a challenge. We made 2 dives in the Grevelingen, at Dreischor and at “Het Koepelje”.

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A few weeks ago, we were cruising through the Eifel on our motorbikes. The Eifel is well known for its beautiful curvy roads and is abused by some bikers as race track. On one of these roads, we passed a warning sign: Könner meiden das Risiko. If you know your business, you do not need to show off, but you have fun (eg open the throttle) where and when it is safe to do so.
Interesting enough, in my other “dangerous” hobby, scuba diving, it is perfectly ok to turn away from a dive, when you do not feel up to it. You take a refresher course after a long non-diving period and train for each special situation, like night diving. Ever seen a biker taking a special course for night riding? Nope, we go full throttle the first minute winter is over.
Just do it where you can see what’s ahead, the road is clean and no crazy drivers are around:
Könner meiden das Risiko!

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Please visit the underwater photographs section under scuba diving


01. February 2015 · Comments Off on This summer, I met a beautiful pike-perch · Categories: Scuba Diving, u/w photography

Only 5 km from work, there are a number of artificial lakes, de Kraaijenbergse Plassen. These lakes were excavated to provide sand and gravel for the building industry. Production has stopped just recently and the lakes make a nice recreational spot.

Thus after work we hopped in and met the boss of this patch of water!


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