The right humidity is vital to a healthy, productive indoor climate. That is what drives us at Cumulus, the company, which I run/co-own.

Humidity is underestimated. The reason for this, is in my opinion that we do not “feel” the relative humidity. My body knows perfectly well, if I am too cold or too warm, if there is a draft or if I get wet. But what the relative humidity is, I don’t know, my body has no sensor.

But after some time I experience the effects of a low relative humidity; my skin gets dry, my lips will crack, my eyes will get tired and red. I am also more susceptible to a common cold, as my mucous menbrane is less effective, because it is dry.

I really enjoy what I am doing at Cumulus, we have a motivated team and we make a difference for our customers !

To learn more, visit our site at www.cumulus.nl.