Wil’s major hobby, beside his work, is scuba diving. Our header is based on my foto’s. Etienne Foméro made this beautiful translation in to a painting in the Dominican Republic.

Wil tries to dive whenever and wherever he can, Simona prefers waters with a lot of light, so you won’t find her in the Netherlands. But the Mediterrinean at Xmas is to her liking (in a drysuit).

Once under water I prefer to keep myself busy making photographs. For 10 years a Motomarine II set was my steady companion.

In 2011 I got fed up with film and decided to go digital; finally. So now I am using an Olympus PEN (great camera!) with its underwater housing and an INON flash. My trusted Motomarine provided the bracket and flash support.
Wil fotografeert onder water

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